Toronto Engagement Photographers

One of the best things that comes with being engaged is taking your engagement photos! Don’t let Pinterest stress you out – there’s no competition for Best Engagement Photos. An engagement photo session is a chance for the photographer to truly capture the essence of your love in one or several photos.

Here are a few ideas for making your engagement photo session the best images of you and your betrothed that anyone has ever seen – except for the wedding photos!

Do Something!

Want to capture a natural and realistic photo? Don’t just stand there and stare at the camera. Try not to force yourselves into a Pinterest or Instagram inspired pose just because you liked how it looked on someone else’s feed. The reason you liked it is because it looked natural and energized, right? Make your own beautiful moment by taking part in an activity you both enjoy. Pick up a controller and challenge each other to a duel on Super Smash Brothers. Shoot some hoops together. Drink a glass of wine and relax around each other. Think of something that you would normally do together, then let the photographer find your magic moment.

Meet The Photographer.

If you don’t set aside a few minutes, at least, to get to know your photographer, you’ll end up feeling awkward. It’s a stranger pointing a camera at you. Set aside some time to take a 10 minute breather with the person shooting your engagement photos. Getting to know each other better enables you, as the subject of the picture, to relax and allows the photographer to find small things to highlight they wouldn’t have known previously.

Secret Moment?

Mimicking a photo you found online isn’t natural, but it’s totally okay to set up a cozy scene where you can relax and express yourself. Work together with your photographer to create genuine moments that he can capture.

Be yourself and know that the process doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking – the photographer is there to do all the important work!