Fun wedding photo ideas for your bridal party

It is hard to imagine your wedding day without your best friends and family. It is the most significant day of your life, and you deserve to have a special time before starting your journey with your better half.

So it is important to plan and capture your nuptials in the best possible manner. What can be better than having fun with your bridesmaids? Here are a few tips on how to have the perfect Bride party on a wedding day.

  1. Party plans

Prepare the plans in advance. You can also take help from any professional agencies or wedding planners. They will take care of the decor and food and everything. In case you want to do it yourself, be careful to take care of the minute details. Don’t leave anything unattended. Also plan a rehearsal just to make sure everything is perfect.

  1. Wedding party photographer

If you plan on hiring a wedding photographer or provide a contract to any professional agency choose wisely. You can follow these basic steps-

  • Create your party budget. Also keep a contingency budget just in case. It will come in handy in case you face any emergency situation.
  • Prepare a shortlist of agencies or photographers depending on your budget.
  • Do a little research work. Take help from your close family or friends who recently tied the knot. Their experience and knowledge will be important.
  • Select the photographer of your choice.
  • Arrange meetings with him. Discuss what it is you exactly demand. Go through his past work experiences, sample of his work etc.
  • Determine cost of contract, negotiate price if required.
  • Confirm contract.
  1. Guest List

This is one of the most important steps. To have a successful party you must carefully choose your guests carefully. Make sure no unwanted person is there to start chaos. Here is a list of attendees who must be there:-

  • Best man.

No wedding is complete without a best man. He is the go to guy for the groom. He will also carry the groom’s wedding ring. Look out for his toasting skills.

  • Bridesmaids

Trustworthy family members or gal pals, they form the bride’s entourage or simply her support team. They will hit the dance floor running and keep the party alive.

•    Family of bride and groom.
•    Officiant.
•    Pages.

So get ready to have fun. Here is to wishing you a beautiful wedding day.