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Wedding Diaries: The Persian Splendor


Weddings are a celebration of love. As two souls unite in matrimony, they make a commitment for a lifetime -one that honors mutual understanding and tradition. Every country and every religious faith comes with its own set of cultures and values. The Persians are not a modest bunch. Known for their larger than life and grandeur outlook, Persian weddings are a perfect marriage of contemporary chic infused with rich traditional values.

A typical Persian wedding procession incorporates the simple and rather conservative primitive values. The couple, about to be forever knit with the string of marriage, traditionally get ready in separate settings. The groom goes to pick up his bride from her place of stay and the two arrive at the wedding venue together. Some Persian grooms even bring the bride her flowers that she will be carrying. Once they arrive at the wedding venue, the ceremony begins.

A traditional Persian wedding day ceremony comprises of 2 parts -the first is known as the “Aghd” i.e. the legal aspect of the marriage where the couple signs the marriage contract in the presence of their guardians as well as witnesses. The second set of the procession is the “Jashn-e-Aroosi” i.e. the wedding reception where you feast, dance, enjoy and have a great time. A ball room, adorned with flowers and wedding decor awaits for the celebrations.


Persian Wedding Photography –the Blissful Clicks of Sofreh-ye Aghd

The gorgeous spread made with luxurious and regal silk or cashmere, the Sofreh-ye Aghd is spread out on the floor facing in the direction of the east. Since, the sun rises from the east, the idea behind the Sofreh-ye Aghd’s positioning is to ensure that when the couple sits, they must be facing the light.

The Sofreh-ye Aghd legates in generations; most commonly from mother to daughter.


The Heavenly Rituals

According to tradition, the bride’s parents’ home is the place where the Aghd holds. The home welcomes the guests and witnesses and the ceremony finally commences. The right side, where the groom sits represents respect and honor on the Sofreh-ye Aghd. The bride, donning a veil, sits on the left.

A mirror, “Aayeneh-ye Bakht” surrounded by candles is set in front of the two, the “Candelabras” incorporates the element of light and fire in the ceremony.

On the Sofreh-ye Aghd, you will also find flatbread; meant to symbolize happiness and prosperity, decorated eggs, nuts in a basket, a copy of the Holy Book as well as an assortment of sweet delights. To bring good luck, there is often placed a fish in a bowl as well as a tray of spices and herbs to ward off evil spirits and witchcraft.

As the couple sits, a cloth that shelters their heads held by two female guests. And a female sprinkles sugar crystals on top to symbolize the sweetness of their relationship. The couple is then individually asked thrice if they accepts the other to be theirs for life. The bride must remain quiet twice before answering in the affirmative the third time. The guests congratulate and bestows gifts to bring the couple good fortune.

A Persian wedding ceremony is all about Sofreh-ye Aghd. To capture these moments with all of the right elements and in a perfect manner, you’d need an expert who understands the essence of the tradition well. Edris Photography does all the justice to these soulful moments with the perfect clicks.

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