How Soon You Need to Book your Photographer?

Photography is an essential ingredient of any wedding ceremony. It is the best modus operandi for immortalizing your special day. Just because it preserves the most exciting and cherished moments of the new start of your life, these precious moments are pretty important to capture perfectly. These wonderfully happy images are to be seen by the future generations where they will remember you having fun with loved ones and relatives. That makes it all more imperative to hire the best wedding photographer as early as you can.

Orchestrating a wedding is the craziest thing in the world.  You have zillions of things to organize even if you opt to go for a simple plain wedding. Some decisions are easy while others are a lot more difficult.

Choosing a photographer for your big day is one of those.

It is necessary that the photographer you want is the person you connect to, he understands you and your partner, and he must be someone whom you like very much to follow around your wedding day. That is why we recommend you to choose the Toronto wedding photographer ASAP!

Book Your Photographer 9 months before!

It sounds insane we know, yet we agree on this due to many reasons. Around this time the venue, color scheme, theme, guest list and the basic idea of your big day is already decided.

Your wedding photographer will look around the location you have chosen and research on the ways to muster up the best photographs of your fiancée and the loved ones. You will be able to perfectly explain him whose pictures you really want and whose not out of friends and family.

He will make a short list for you depending on your requirements. He would also be able to capture all the pre-wedding special moments of yours. You see, booking ahead of time doesn’t hurt.

Toronto Photography Season

Your wedding date tells a lot about your wedding ceremony. You must have chosen the date because it sounds great, looks good when written or the date has some special history.

However, the season you picked plays a big role in its popularity.

Autumn and spring are mild seasons that make them popular. Winters are the downtime of a Toronto wedding photographer with no booking. The summers are hot which not a good season to choose is.

Early autumn and spring are considerably best of all. It is suggested to book your photographer earlier around this season as it has the least competition during these dates.

Saturday or Friday?

Saturdays remain the most popular of the days to get married in Toronto. Other than that, Fridays are also becoming a hot favorite. Sundays are also on the list of many photographers.

If you are going to Saturdays, book your photographer at least 16 months in advance. If you wish to choose Sunday or Friday, then get done with the booking ten months before. For Thursdays or Mondays, you may pick the photographer as little as three months beforehand.


Finding the wedding photographer should be on top of your wedding planning list. And just as you found someone whose portfolio you admire, client reviews you can trust, and a pleasant personality to work with –hire that photographer right away (regardless of season, day, or timespan). You can count on Edris Photography for this!

To put in a nutshell, booking the wedding photographer as early as you can would be the best advice given to the couple.




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