How Far Ahead Should I book My Wedding Photographer?

Right after the unforgettable proposal and getting the celebrated “Yes!”, the wedding planning starts instantly. With all the big and small details that wait to be discussed, proper timing proves to be important when planning such a monumental day. Any single detail that may be left out or a single element that may be missed could mean the difference between “happily ever after” and “disaster”.

Because the modern couples of today give priority into encapsulating their wedding day, wedding photographers are considered to be of top concern. Imagine being able to book the dream location, to get the most amazing caterer, to have the prettiest bridal gown, and then simply having no one to document everything – not even a single photo for Facebook or Instagram. Hence, being able to choose and book your own wedding photographer is an essential task.

With all of those in mind, the question that remains is – how soon should I book my wedding photographer? Getting it too late into the wedding planning phase might be too difficult, especially during the peak season. However, getting to book them too early might lead to schedule conflicts and confusion in case of venue changes, weather considerations, and even simply moving the date to accommodate other factors. Most especially in the Greater Toronto Area, wedding season kicks in at around June to October and booking Toronto wedding photographers might be difficult and troublesome if not done months ahead.

Put simply, the wedding photographer should be booked as soon as the wedding date and venues have been finalized as well.  With the date and location in place, the photography crew can reserve the entire day for the bride and groom to-be right away. Of course, other important factors to consider include the officiant, the bridal party, and even the budget.

Any other minor changes, like with the wedding theme or the day’s itinerary, can be passed on to the wedding photographers even in a couple of weeks nearing the wedding. This allows for clear instructions and coordination between the couple and the crew, plus it lessens the possibility of mix up and confusion.

Keep in mind though the wedding photographer is a part of your team; let him know if there are any issues with scheduling or any unfinalized wedding detail before booking for the day. With their years of experience and after the numerous newlyweds they have covered before, there is no obstacle that may be too challenging for any Toronto wedding photographer.