Persian weddings are always grand, elegant affairs. The guests are always dressed to the nines, and they love to party. Which makes Persian weddings one of our favorites types of weddings to photograph Persian Weddings are one of my specialties. i love capturing every aspect of Persian weddings, from the the details in the Sofreh aghd to the lively dancing at the Persian wedding receptions. I’ve captured a lot of Persian weddings all over Richmond hill, north york, Vaughan , and GTA

For me, it’s more than just knowing what events are coming next and what to expect in Persian weddings. my experience has taught us to look for the right shots and be in the right position in any given moment. Here are some of our favorite images. I love the meaningful traditions of Persian wedding ceremonies, and the beautiful, sensuous dance moves. For more, please visit my Persian weddings photographs in my wedding photography page.