Edris Photography- Engagement Portfolio

When it comes to engagement shoots, many couples aren’t too sure whether they need it or not. Engagement based photography is a world of its own. We love interacting and getting to know clients before the biggest day of their lives, their wedding day. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and know the type of expressions and angles that bring out the best in you. This is the ultimate way of us capturing the beautiful moments you share with one another.

At Edris Photography, we feel engagement shoots go a long way. Not only do you get the wonderful opportunity of getting to know our team, you spend some great quality time with your loved one at a serene location, meaningful to you both.

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Many couples love long walks on the beach, cooking their favorite meal, dining at their favorite restaurant or enjoying a simple picnic at the local park. These activities are what relationships are all about so why not incorporate them as cherishing memories on film. It’s near to impossible to have them as a part of your wedding event, so why not make it an important aspect to your engagement shoot. That’s where we think engagement shoots come in handy.

These memories are those that will be created for future generations to enjoy. Imagine being able to share how you first met your partner or where you had your first date with your children, years from now.

At Edris Photography, our engagement photo sessions take about a rough estimate of two hours. Couples are always advised to pick out two of their favorite outfits that they can use for the shoot. We like to begin with a casual look and then work our way into something more formal as that’s when most couples start to become comfortable in front of the lens. There are no rules to follow as we leave the final decision to our clients and help them feel at ease.

Our engagement gallery is open for you to view. The aim at Edris Photography is for you to get an idea of the type of images you can expect from us. But that’s not all. Our talent goes beyond that. Every shoot is different, similarly as every couple is unique. We like to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. We’re also keen on hearing your side of the story. Take some time out and visit us for a free consultation. We know it’s a decision you’ll definitely worth considering.