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Edris Photography Asian WeddingsMaria and Fadi –An Epitome of True LoveMonte Carlo Inn Wedding Splendor

One of our favorite couples Maria and Fadi were a vision on their wedding day. We couldn’t get enough of their on screen magic together so we decided to make a post for their Afghan- Lebanese wedding!

Maria and Fadi illuminate a bond like no other. They’re the perfect example of a couple you’d desire to constantly be around with. And that is why their long history together comes to us as no surprise.

Depicting a love story like no other, Maria married the love of her life Fadi at a ceremony that was every bit special. It was unlike any other, where two couples with diverse cultural backgrounds tied the knot.

We adore little details and that’s why we’re sharing them with you today. What really made Maria and Fadi’s wedding unique was the amalgamation of Afghan and Lebanese rituals. Love has no boundaries and that’s exactly what shone through on their big day.

Held at one of Toronto’s most renowned photography locations, it was Knox College that had the honor of hosting this couple’s presence. The iconic vintage building gave the natural backdrop for outdoor photography –just the way we want it to be!

The beautiful banquet hall known as Monte Carlo Inn radiates the essence of Old Age regal beauty. With just the right amount of natural light and some stunning backgrounds drops to choose from, we knew we were in for a photography adventure.

The location spoke of classic charm with a dash of modernism. The neutral shaded palette blended perfectly with the luxurious spread of décor. For Maria and Fadi, the brightly lit candles, the rich pinks and hints of white from their floral arrangements just created for the ultimate celebration atmosphere.

The Royal Vintage Theme with a Modern Touch

The wedding was extra special because it was full of tiny details that meant a lot to the couple. Maria with her gorgeous Afghan features was seen clad in a remarkable flowing vintage white gown. It was complete with sophisticated jewels and a delicate bouquet of fresh white roses. Paired with the perfect pair of heels, Maria walked down the aisle with sheer beauty and the epitome of grace.

On the other hand, Fadi was nothing less than a stylish groom. He was wearing a modern day black tuxedo, white bow tie and white roses attached to his coat. The excitement and happiness of this marriage could clearly be seen in his colored eyes and beautifully lit smile.

While planning their wedding, the couple declared that it was important to support each another in every single one of their decisions. The couple have numerous suggestions and ideas. At the end of the day, it came down to Maria and Fadi’s creative vision and final call on what made them happy. And that was evident from their portraits.

With a little help from a team of professional vendors, every element worked its way into one fascinating celebration.

You can tell by the portraits that Maria and Fadi never lost sight of one another. All the festivities revolved around them. It is this love they share for each other that made each step of recording their journey a pleasant one.


Couple: Maria and Fadi

Theme: Royal Wedding

Outdoor: Knox College Toronto

Banquet: Monte Carlo Inn

Photography: Edris Devarian

Hamid & SarvenazLuxurious Hazelton Manor Persian Wedding

Hamid and Sarvenaz are our definition of a perfect couple. Indeed, their Persian wedding was nothing short of a fairy-tale with elaborate decor and their pick for a stunning venue. After looking at their wedding portraits, we’re sure you’ll agree.
Coming from a Persian ethnic background, Hamid and Sarvenaz are absolute royalty. From the very beginning, this couple knew precisely what they wanted from the start and that’s exactly what we delivered.
To start with, the day began with an outdoor photo shoot that took place at the Toronto’s notorious Edwards Gardens Park. The couple knew they will be surrounded with the love and company of over 200 guests. That’s why they chose to spend some alone time together.

The First Glance

Hamid was the bold and suave groom, wearing a well fitted black tuxedo and a matching black bow tie. As he entered into the Edwards Gardens Park, he truly couldn’t take his eyes off the stunning bride. Sarvenaz dressed to perfection in a classic strapless white wedding gown and matching veil. Her golden locks were styled in an elegant manner, making her a vision for us all.

The first glance the bride and groom had of each other, almost had us in tears. It was similar to an instant moment of love at first sight. And we’re honored to witness the affection this Persian couple possesses.

A Persian Wedding at Luxurious Hazelton Manor

After such an intimate scene to watch, we began to capture the passionate love this couple shared for one another on film. The outdoor setting at Hazelton Manor was grand and gave a picturesque backdrop for a couple in search of classic yet enchanting pictures. We consider ourselves lucky to have enough natural sunlight coming through. This gave us immense illumination to play with to get that beautiful scene.
After a romantic phot session, Hamid and Sarvenaz soon made their way to the wedding reception. It was held at the striking Hazelton Manor. We shot numerous solo portraits of the couple, before they were joined by their dear friends and family members.

It could be the opulent venue, but Hamid and Sarvenez seemed as if they were inhabitants of this magnificent location. Hazelton Manor paved way as the ultimate backdrop for the lovely couple as they began their journey towards holy matrimony.

We Love The Enchanting Purple Wedding Theme

There was an abundance of floral arrangement and beautiful lighting. Notably, it was as if the room had transformed into a grandiose garden. The couple had their own unique area on the stage and so there was no need of a head table.

Hamid and Servenaz spent a great amount of time greeting their guests in the most regal manner. They make sure everyone had a splendid instance and we assure to capture every beautiful moment of theirr wedding. From their first dance together to their first toast, every element was magical.

The Divine Persian Rituals of Sofreh ye Aghd

A tradition specific to Persians, we just love to timestamp this ritual at every Persian wedding. Hamid and Sarvenaz remarkably performed the sofreh ye aghd with all of its royalty. The way they present and perform the ceremony with all the grace; it uniquely created a tranquil atmosphere. After the ceremony, friends and family of the couple shower their blessings and the ambiance fills up with applaud.

Couple’s Mesmerizing First Dance

After the ceremony, the celebration starts with the first dance of the couple. We capture those awestruck moments with perfect clicks. This beautiful couple’s dance is so spontaneous and elegant in every step that we can’t take eyes off them..

We can undoubtedly say that Hamid and Sarvenaz were an absolute pleasure to work with. This couple deserves high praise and great honor for their chemistry both on screen and off.

Summing it up, capturing Hamid and Servenaz’s Persian wedding is definitely an honor for Edris Photography. Very rare do we come across such great couples whose main desire is to celebrate with those that are nearest and dearest.

Couple: Hamid and Servenaz
Ethnicity: Persian Wedding
Theme: Purple Wedding Theme
Venue: Hazelton Manor
Photography: Edris Devarian

Outdoor Shooting: Edwards Garden Park