Edris / Fine Art Photographer

Photographs capture moments in time.They allow you to relive experiences over and over, passed down through generations.A wedding is the ultimate moment to be captured. Edris is a professional photographer based in Toronto. His work ranges from high fashion editorial work to weddings and special events. With his vast knowledge of lighting, modern equipment and innovative editing technologies, Edris captures special moment with professional skill, providing clients with beautiful photos to cherish forever.

At Edris Photography, we are privileged to have some of the best wedding photographers in Toronto. Our team of photographers are passionate about what they do and are inspired by the beauty and love found within weddings.

We are on site from the very beginning. Engagement photos can be set up and we will be there from the moment the bride slips into the dress all the way until the happy couple are nestled in their car to make the getaway to start their honeymoon.

Our promise is that we capture the love, the tears, and every emotion of the wedding day. It’s what will make it easier to look back years from now and remember every moment of the wedding. It’s impossible to depend solely on what people capture on smart phones. A professional photographer makes all the difference and we can’t wait to be a big part of it.

At Edris Photography, we have been photographing engaged couples and weddings for many years. Our owner, Edris Davarian photographed her first wedding in 2008 and has been going strong ever since.

By working with the top wedding photographers in Toronto, our clients can count on photos that will capture every moment of the wedding. We offer affordable wedding packages that include one or two photographers on site. Our wedding photographer cost is kept low to ensure that there is room in the wedding budget for all else that is desired.

We love working with brides and grooms from all walks of life. We have become a preferred Persian wedding photographer in Toronto and that is because we have taken the time to understand the various details that make such a wedding unique.

We work with all of our couples to learn about what’s unique about the ceremony and reception. It’s what allows us to be exactly where we need to be to capture the most breathtaking images. Our photographers are creative and have a lot of energy. We’ll see to it that everyone is posed and smiling to be able to deliver photos that will last a lifetime.

Guess what? We have been known to go outside of Toronto to photograph weddings. Whether you need us in Canada or elsewhere for a destination wedding, we’re happy to travel. From the coldest of venues to the hottest, we’ll be there with cameras and lenses to see to it that every moment of your big day is captured.

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