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Undoubtedly, affordable wedding photography Toronto is more than just a service. It’s magic and allows you to relive the experiences again and again. Edris is a professional fine art photographer in Toronto. Famous for being the most affordable wedding photographer in town; his work portfolio consists of high fashion editorials to special events with a specialty in weddings. Being a seasoned photographer, he has a vast knowledge of photojournalism, candid photography, cinematography, and corporate portraits.

As a Persian native in Toronto, Edris captures your journey like no other. He is proud of having the most fulfilling job in the world. Be its soft lighting, natural landscape settings, beautiful brides or the bubbly nature personalities nearby, simplicity is what mesmerizes and keeps him driven for performing better. A state-of-the-art studio at the downtown of Toronto is the place where he with his post-production team creates magical timestamps for his clients.



Are you in search of an affordable wedding photographer with the best services? If that’s the case, you are in the right place. Welcome to Edris photography. An expert at covering weddings and events, we are eminent for being  Toronto wedding photographer in fair rates. Photography is our passion and that is clearly visible in the results of our pictures.


We are masters of our trade because photography isn’t a duty for us. It’s a passion worth exploring. The inner drive we enjoy is like no other in Toronto. We can capture the true essence of your big day through our lens and transform it into print. The end product you may ask is nothing but sheer glory. It comprises of memories to keepsake as treasures forever. It’s similar to an artisan who captures the heartbeat of your wedding event and converts it into visual pockets of gold.


Edris Photography is among few affordable wedding photographers in Toronto who were able to turn their passion into a career. Listening to your stories of love and helping you capture it is what we’re all about. Our goal is to help you turn your vision into reality and work your way to photography perfection. Although, an important element of our success lies in being visually inspired by everything. Our vision over the years has been consummate through observation and thinking out of the box. Our style revolves around elegance and softness.

We at Edris Photography take great pride in sharing our style among our team of pros. It’s similar to being visual time seekers of a couple’s glowing happiness and passion for one another. Be it laughter, tears, panic or nervousness -being able to share a couple’s emotional roller coaster journey is joyful, to say the least. At Edris Photography, we care for special elements that pass on from one generation to the next, things like legacy and heritage for example. Our motivation for continuing excellence in photography relates to the honor and trust our clients bestow upon us. The greatest pictures get snapped in a manner similar to falling in love, which is naturally of course.


Edris’s workforce consists of Toronto’s finest professionals. We believe in teamwork and the effort that our team at Edris Photography puts into producing wedding pictures and portraits is beyond imaginable. Each member brings something innovative to the table and that is what separates us from the rest.


As Toronto’s best wedding photographer, Edris Photography stands for one purpose. And that is creating timestamps of your big day, so you can cherish it for a lifetime. These are just some of the fascinating aspects that make our job at Edris Photography the best thing in the world. Over the years, our visual style has developed into an extraordinary level of finesse. We provide guidance to couples to ensure they deliver the best expressions for our lens to capture.

In our presence, we work to ensure couples bring out their love and intimacy for one another. Of course, everything is downright and that is where the beauty lies. Your wedding is not just putting up a stage performance where you use props, get directions or speak fake lines. It’s much being one hundred percent you and your significant other. This is our ultimate goal at Edris Photography and we do everything in our capabilities, making your experience a memorable, pleasant, and comfortable one for years to cherish.


Being Persian in origin, we at Edris Photography believe that the diversity of culture should be notable all around the world and Toronto is no exception. It is for this reason; we have the opportunity of offering our finest photography skills to cover a number of unique weddings of multiple ethnicity. Nothing brings us as much happiness as does the filming of different cultures and traditions. Ethnic weddings are pure love and have been a thrilling adventure for us. Being able to experience the beautiful customs and rituals each country holds is a breathtaking moment. The fascinating thing about covering such events is watching how many different ways love can be expressed through the bond of marriage.

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